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September 21, 2009

Time for D.O.A.

"Its time to drop the D.O.A."

That's what a friend of mine told me. The O is right around the corner and everything couldn't get any better.
Can't wait to step on stage and show my fans and the entire world the new Toney Freeman. At this time last year i
felt good, this year i feel even better.

The D.O.A. to me, represents all the past shows I've done and how each and every one of them helped me get to where I'm at today.... this years Olympia, one for the history books the whole build of it,

D.O.A. Death of Autotune by Jay - Z.

X-man Out ! ! !

September 18, 2009

X-Man’s- Desire to Believe.

Desire - feel or have a desire for; want strongly.
Believe - accept as true; take to be true.

I can feel the Vegas heat. The 2009 Mr. Olympia. Like we all know this years O will be one for the ages. I feel blessed and privileged to be part of something of this magnitude.

The following words have a great meaning in my life, Blood, Sweat, Tears…Conceive, Believe, Achieve and Desire. I think about these words on a daily basis because it reminds me of how larger than life this sport really is, how careful we have to be in order to look almost perfect on one night, it’s truly a one of kind feeling. For me it’s all about Desire and the Belief that you put out into all this. The eating, training, the cardio sessions, everything. You got to believe this years O. is going to be incredible, so will I.

I Desire that Sandow and I Believe I’m going to Achieve it.

Thank you to all my fans for the support I feel good…No, wait…I feel great at this point, I decided to give you the fans a little opportunity to see how the X-man is evolving bigger than ever, I don’t want to give too much away but I believe that the we are here for the fans, so for all the fans here’s my latest video, watch new NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE at the end… See if you catch me in there, watching the flex blog… Told you all, it’s all me baby!!!

Ill keep posting videos as the days drop down come Olympia time!


September 12, 2009

Back to the grind: 12 days till Xmass!!

About two weeks from today I’ll be on stage at the O, and I’m still 295-296
pounds. Felt like I got hit by a car when I woke up this morning because of
all the stuff we did at the FLEX photo shoot yesterday – but it was worth it
because we got some really cool stuff. We ended up doing traps, back,
shoulders, bi’s and tri’s, and today we did quads, hams, glutes and abs.
That’s a lot of work!

So I’m going to fly home tonight, wake up in the morning at 6 a.m. and get
back on the stairmill. We’re also going to tighten the diet to straight fish
and veggies, potatoes and rice, fish and greens -- and water. Carbs will be


September 11, 2009

Ready to rumble!

Two weeks out and I’m 296 pounds. Looking forward to going home and
buckling down. This is where I want to be right now. In my wildest fantasy I
was in the 290s heading into the Olympia, and I’m on par to do that. Still
don’t know if it will happen or not. I’ve been trying to be 290 for the past
two and a half years. Something always goes wrong at the end. I haven’t been
in the 290s this far out though. 288 is the heaviest I’ve been. I’ve only
eating twice today right now, so really I’m two meals away from 300

Mentally, I’ve never been this focused. I don’t want to sound crazy, but in
all honesty, this is the first year I’ve been a bodybuilder 100 percent. I’m
blessed genetically. I will admit that as far as being lean goes. I’m not
talking about contest. I’m talking about walking around – it’s not that hard
for me to keep a decent amount of body fat and I’ve used that as a crutch in
the past. This year, I didn’t bank on my genetics. I did the work. I ate the
meals. I did the cardio. I lifted the weights. The results speak for

I literally started my diet (my diet-diet) on August 15, and that’s not even
been a month yet. I started preparing for the Olympia on July 15, but the
first four weeks I was eating whatever. I’m in my fifth week of hardcore
dieting. Normally us pros diet 10-12 weeks. I’m not worn out. I’m eating
more than 3,000 calories per day and 4,000 on high days. I’m not hungry, but
I’m hungry for the Olympia.


*Editors' note: There was an error in this entry that has been corrected but should be noted. Toney had only eaten twice at that point in the day, and a typo stated he was only eating two meals per day. That is erroneous. Toney eats every two to three hours.

September 08, 2009

X'ing the O.

Time for another update, wow, time flies huh.

Hoping all bodybuilding fans had a great Labor Day weekend. My Labor Day was another day at the office, training hard staying focused at all times no matter what day it is. My body's certainly changing. Get ready to see an X-man like never before.

To all my fans...I know the big buzz going around FLEX and other different bodybuilding communities around the web about The new Toney Freeman's videos.

I 've gotten phone calls, emails everything, it's crazy, in the greatest way, thank you all for the kind words. All these videos are being showed for one reason only, this year it's all about No More Mr. Nice Guy. Remember those words fellow Olympian's. We can all be cool after this show.

I will say this...I want each and every one of you, to keep checking this FLEX blog everyday...I will keep posting some NEW and Official X-man videos, you will not believe your eyes.

Keep eyes and ears wide open, X gonna give it to you...Check the new video only here on the FLEX Blog.


September 02, 2009

X-Man Update

Hope all is well...Tight skin and ready to win...That's my main focus right now. I'm big and pumped.
The plan was simple...Got the FAT OFF on time so i could stay focused on complete fullness.

I want to visualize myself as an eclipse when i step onstage come Mr. Olympia.

My condition is getting better by the day. So it's safe to say that my
condition this year will be RAZOR sharp like a X-mas present with a
BOW on it.

I told you all, No More Mr. Nice Guy.


August 24, 2009


Hello to my fans and all bodybuilding fans worldwide...

Weeks out and feeling fantastic. Still a little grumpy from not doing the last couple of shows but. The O is my focus. My improvements are mostly mental. I have all meals in ! Numbers are great, 304 and you know the abs are deep! If you come in with a waist ...cancel X-mas! Calves ,arms, back have all increased with size... X is going give to you and no more Mr. Nice guy.

You know I'm doing it Hollywood...so here's a video for you all.

X out.

August 06, 2009

X-Man Here People ! ! ! !

Toney here people...

-302 at 10 weeks out feeling great. Yes Big Dave is still in the camp and I will be full as a tick at

the O. I am bringing in what was asked-295, 6’2-tiny waist- full and ready for battle. Eating clean

as always- I have already competed 3x and have qualified all three events. I love and appreciate

’08 and am falling in love with the O all over again! I can feel the energy. September 24-27—No

More Mr. Nice Guy ! ! ! I got that NPC energy like back in ’02. I know everyone will be ready but this

is going to be Christmas. I will maintain my blog as often as I can so viewers can keep up with

my progress. Any questions please go to the Forum. My updates will be videotaped as well as

written. The energy on the boards and on Facebook is crazy. I want to thank my fans,

Cytogenetics and Flex and Flexonline for making this the richest and biggest O—I’m coming for

the Title—X is going to give it to you.

X-Man Out!!!