Julien Greaux - Back

August 25, 2010

Julien Greaux (with Armen Pogosyan), Team BSN athlete, pro martial artist, actor
Age : 34
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 pounds
Years training : 20 years
Date of entry: 8/23/10

Todays main goal is to hit every different angle of my back to make it a well balance and complete muscle group.

I picked 4 exercises: Cable row: I love doing this mouvement for ticknest. 1set 220 lbs x 10 reps, 2 set 220x 10 reps , 3 set 240 x 10 reps, 4 set 260x 10 reps and 5 sets 300 lbs x reps.

One-arm dumbbell row: This movement really hits the width of my back. I do 5 sets of 10 with 150 lbs ( because they don't have heavier dumbbell)

Lat pulldown: For me it's the number one exercice for a good isolation, so I go a little lighter on this one. I do 5 sets total. I do 5 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs, with super strict form.

Shrugs on the machine: Traps are a really important part of a good back development but you don't want to over develop your traps or it will make your shoulders look like a coat hanger. I do 5 sets of 10 reps with 180 lbs.

What was the overall goal of the workout?

Please explain what you are doing in each of the four exercises

Cable rowing

Cable pulldowns

One arm dumbbell rows


Training: I train 5 to 6 times a week mixing super heavy workout , super set, drop sets. My main focus is intensity. I'm tired of hearing people saying I have a good genetic. I have been training for 20 years, 20 years of sweat, pain and tears. I think being LAZY is in the genetic too.

Favorite body part: None, I totally love to train everything.

Bodypart I hate to train: None, I used to hate training legs, about 18 years ago lol.

For more info on Julien Greaux training and nutrition : juliengreaux1@yahoo.com
Blog : www.bsnonline.net






















Josh Bergeron - Legs & Biceps

August 17, 2010

Age: 30 ( 2/28/80)
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 220 pounds (contest) 250 pounds (offseason)
Profession: Environmental Specialist
Years training: Weight training for 16 years, last 7 intense
Date of entry: 7/25/2010
Written by Josh Bergeron

I train an average of 5-6 times per week

I spend an average of 1-1 1/2 hours time training per workout:

My favorite body part to train: Guess its chest or arms I like both equally.

The body part I hate training: Guess it would have to be shoulders, they get so pumped its almost painful.

The toughest part of today's workout was: While getting ready for a show, having the endurance to push hard throughout entire workout on low carbs was very tough.

The goal of today's workout: Flex and squeeze the body parts being trained.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just competed in a bodybuilding show the day before, but there is no rest for the dedicated. I had the USA’s coming up next weekend so I needed to train and focus. When working which ever body part I’m on, the key for me is concentration and control. It’s not the amount of weight you can throw around it’s how you control the weight in your hand/legs. I started my leg routine with laying hamstring curls...


...but also I was going to superset with stationary lunges.


The key for the hamstring curl is keeping tension throughout the negative as well as the curl. After finishing 12 reps on that machine I dismounted and began 20 stationary lunges. The key on stationary lunges is to stretch that hamstring stepping out and engage the quad while coming up, then repeating the process with the opposite leg. For this combo exercise I did 4 sets. Upon completing that combo I moved on to what was going to be another superset, which was going to be done on the squat rack. What I start with is fairly heavy wide stance squats for 10 reps...


... then I move on to an already set up medium weight squat rack and pound out 20 reps narrow-stance squat...


... to really force the blood into my legs. When doing the narrow it’s really working on the sweeps of the legs. This exercise was feeling really good and the legs were getting a good pump so I did 6 sets of this combo exercise. Before moving on I decided to do some walking lunges...


...before doing to next exercise. So I did 4 sets of walking lunges (length of the room) there and back is one. After completing the lunges I moved onto leg extensions.


The key to the leg extension is once again the squeeze at the top and the total control on the negative. For this exercise I did 4 sets of 15 reps. The next exercise is the often forgotten calves. I start on a calf machine heavy weight and stand on the platform with my toes facing out with heels in.


I do 10-15 reps that way, then while still standing on platform but with no weight turn my feet the opposite direction toes in heels out and burn up the calves with 25 reps.


I like 6-9 sets this way, doesn’t always have to be all done on the same machine, but does have to be with the changing of the feet position. The bodypart that was going to be hit today was biceps. For this exercise I started with laying cable curls basically its starting with a cable machine from the top position with a re-curved bar attached and a flat bench, with one end of bench close as it can go to the cable itself.


While in a sitting position grab the bar slide down the bench till laying completely flat on your back. Start with your elbows locked out then curl the bar towards your forehead, and release till you elbows are locked out again.


The key to this exercise is to squeeze the entire contraction of this movement, and once again controlling the negative to the starting position. For this exercise I did 4 sets of 12 reps. The next exercise I moved on to was dumbbell concentration curls. For my concentration curls I start with a controllable weight in each hand and alternate the curls from hand to hand.


How I start is I come up like a hammer curl, but when I get to the top I twist the dumbbell where my wrist is facing up towards the ceiling...


...twist back to the start position and then while in control lower weight to your side. Do this exercise alternating from one arm to the other, but don’t forget to really twist when you get to the top of the curl point. For this exercise I do 4 sets of 15 reps each arm. This is a taste of some of the exercises that I do while in the gym and training. Focus in and try these and see how they work for you!

Ryan Foxx - Chest & Bi's

August 11, 2010

Age: 36
Height: 6’1
Weight: 238
Date of entry: 7/16/10
Profession: Dad and Entrepreneur.
"I own three different businesses. A print company, ATV and watercraft rentals, as well as an online ATV parts retail business."


* Years training: 22

* The goal of today's workout was to do some detail work for the upcoming USA’s.

* I train an average of six times per week.

* I spend an average of two hours training per workout:

* My favorite bodypart to train is legs.

* The bodypart I hate training is abs.

* The toughest part of today's workout was incline press for forced reps.


_w5q1070 2_th.jpg


Incline bench




Decline Hammer Press





Pec Deck





Hammer Press Machine




Alternate Dumbbell Curls




Incline Curls



Cable Curls



Zhanna Rotar - High intensity lower body - 6/23/10

July 06, 2010

Name: Zhanna Rotar
Age: 29
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120/125 pounds
Profession: Full-time law student/personal trainer/nutritionist
Years training: 12+
Date of entry: 6/23/10

First, let me tell you the overall goal and logic behind this workout. It's high intensity that's designed to tone, define and sculpt your lower body through weighted and plyometric exercises. It is also a great cardio workout that's so intense that in 1 hour or so, you're guaranteed to burn way more than 1,000 calories. You'll be a lean fat-shedding machine! You want to have minimum rest between exercises and keep moving at all times. Before the workout, warm up. I prefer a light jog on a treadmill, but you can use any piece of equipment, even running in place would suffice/

* Walking stairs/shoulder presses with kettlebells. (I used 10-pound kettlebells.)
* Find a set of stairs and walk them up and down while pressing the kettlebells over your head into a shoulder press.
* Each step = one press. Make sure are using correct form and pushing through your heels, and not through your toes. This exercise is awesome for toning your glutes, hamstrings, and legs, as well as shoulders. It is also a great core stregth builder.

Abs on a decline bench with a 10 pounds.

Perform this exercise on a decline bench. Grab a medicine ball. The weight is up to you. Do full-range-of-motion sit-ups holding the medicine ball. Bring the ball to your chest on the way down, bring it up and extend your arms on the way up. Squeeze your abs! This exercise is all about muscle-mind connection!

The purpose of this exercise is to hit your abs from a variety of angles in one move. Doing it correctly allows you tot rain your upper, lower abs as well as the obliques.

Kettlebell shoulder press with a stationary lunge.

Lunge forward and press the kettlebells over your head, and then switch legs. Each lunge = one shoulder press and make sure that you're using proper form. Do not let your knee pass your toe. That can lead to injury. This execise is great for toning your glutes, hams, inner and outer thighs as well as shoulders and arms. This is also a cardiovascular movement and trust me, you will burn body fat! Also, through a core stabilization, you will work your abs!

Jump lunges
* A high intensity plyometric exercise
* Just as you were to do a lunge, as you alenate legs jump as high as you can in between
* Besides being a super fat burner, this exercise tones and shapes your whole body

Sumo squat with a shoulder press
* Stand with your feet wide in a squat position, as you go into a squat, lift the kettlebells over your head into a shoulder press
* Great for glutes, hams, inner thighs, a great ab shaper, and shoulder toner

Jump Squats
* Using your bodyweight, dissend into a squat and jump up on your way up landing with your feet together, so jump out, then jump in
* This is an awesome heart-rate raising cardio movement that will make your lower body dynamite!

The swing
* Probably one of the most popular kettlebell exercises due to its intensity and high effectiveness
* Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a kettlebell in each hand, squat down and swing the kettlebells between your legs. Stand up, lock your knees at the same time swinging the kettlebells up to your shoulder level, keep your arms straight
* Squeeze your glutes on your way up, as well as keep your core very tight and controled, so you don't hyperextend your lower back
* This exercise is an excellent full body exercise with a lot of cardio in it. It works all of your muscle groups and kicks your heart rate into overdrive!

Leg presses with your feet up high on the pad

* On a regular leg press machine position your feet unusually high on the pad, wide stance. Make sure you are supporting your lower back properly
* As you go all the way down, try to bring your knees all the way pass your chest. Going this low will help to recruit mostly glutes and hamstring instead of quads. On the way up, push through your heels, and squeeze your glutes.
* That is where muscle-mind connection really comes in!
* This exercise is golden to shape and round your glutes, and your whole lower body

Smith stationary lunges (with a knee up)

* Get under a Smith Machine. Make sure that you don't load it too heavy at first, as you want to make your form a priority here
* Go down on a regular lunge, but on the way of bringing your leg back into neutral position, go ahead and bring the back leg's knee up to your abs and squees. Repeat for a desired amount of reps on one leg, before switching to the other
* Again, impecable for glute training, core, etc.

Seated hamstring curl

* I like to go pretty heavy on this one, yet I emphasize the correct form.
* Make sure that you are in control of the movement and not the machine.
* Works all parts of your hamstring!

Leg extension

* I use lighter weights and do more sets
* I mainly use this for definition

Standing glute kickback machine

* The most important thing to remember here is to push through your heel, and extend all the way back untill your back leg's knee is straight
* Muscle-mind connection is imperative here! :)

Horizontal leg press

* One of my all time favorites!
* Unfortunately, the only place I ever get to do it, is in Venice, and it is quite a drive for me!
* Due to its 100% horizontal position, if you keep your feet high up on the pad, nothing gets your glutes more directly than this one.
* Go all the way down, and on your way up squeeze your glutes and push exclusively through the heel

Verticle leg press machine

* Make sure that it is a machine with a rack of weights not a free weight leg press
* Also, I definitely don't recommend this exercise to everyone, due to its very high risk of injury
* Go down into a regular leg press, and then on your way back up, jupm off the pad keeping your legs straight, lang into a soft squat again
* The reason for a plyometric element in this leg press is to rev up your heart rate, as well as recruit more muscle fibers through explosive technique
* Works your whole lower body plus the abs like a charm!

Unilateral hamstring curl
* By using one leg at a time, you are able to focus more on muscle-mind connection

Butt Blaster

* Works your glutes directly!
* Most important thing to remember is to push exclusively through your heel!

Danny Hester - Back - 6/28/10

June 30, 2010

Name: Danny Hester
Age: 41
Height: 5'6"
Weight 180
Profession: Fitness equipment designer/inventor. CEO of Danny Hester's G-Flex Company.
Years training: 25
Date of entry: 6/28/10

* I train an average of 4 times per week.

* I spend an average of 2 hours training per workout.

* My favorite bodypart to train: shoulders

* The bodypart I hate training: abs

* I toughest part of today's workout was the bent over rows because you're performing a large movement using your core and works you cardio.

Goals: In today's back workout I am mainly targeting the smaller muscle groups, which is why I'm not trying to use too much weight. I'm trying to isolate and feel it. I'm looking to take the biceps out of play and squeeze the smaller muscles. That way, when I hit a back double biceps pose, everything jumps out. I work on mass building more in the off season. I'm pretty strong with the back and my lat sweep I've never had a problem with. It more of the upper back detail that I need more of. I think that's because I go kinda heavy and do a lot of rows full range of motion in the off season. That gives me the nice sweep and the very low tie-in on my lats. So now I'm trying to focus more on getting ready for competition and getting leaner I'm trying to get the blood into the smaller muscles and make them work.

Hammer pull-downs
4 sets; 8 drop-15 reps

I like keeping my hips forward a little bit on the Hammer pulldown. That way I can stick my chest nice and high and take the lats out of it and hit the upper back; hit all the little upper back muscles. My left side is more dominant than my right, and the weight connected both sides. Because it has the individual weight on both sides, I am guaranteed that I am lifting the same weight on both sides rather than have one side take over.

Machine Low Rows
4 sets 10 drop - 15 reps

This is hitting the mid-back. You're seated and there's a pad in front of your chest and you can adjust the length of it, and that way you can get a really good stretch. The pad sort of pushes on your chest making sure you're not able to go forward with your lower back. So you're always in the upright position. That way your lower back doesn't take over when you're leaning forward because the pad stops you. But yet you're able to really pull and target the mid-back. The angle it comes down on is prefect because it comes in a little arc which starts high and then comes toward your lower lat. It is very similar to a dumbbell row except you are using both arms and it keeps your chest from going forward.

Dumbbell single-arm dumbbell rows
4 sets, 10 drop-15 reps

This I like because you are really able to twist your body and stretch it more. On the machines you are little more straight; your shoulders are straight; with the dumbbell rows you are able to twist your body so you can get the full extension of the lat. And then when you pull the dumbbell up you are able to twist the opposite way and get even more of a squeeze on the lower tie-ins.

SUPERSET: Behind-the-neck pulldowns AND seated wide-grip cable pulldowns
4 set, 10 drop - 15 reps

Here I was supersetting the behind-the-neck pulldowns with the regular seated wide-grip pulldows to the chest to hit the detail. The first one, the most common one, is to pull the wide-grip to your chest which gets the overall back and gets the blood flowing in it. and then I would burn out by putting it behind my neck and not pulling all the way down because it's not that great on your shoulders, and jsut letting the smaller muscles pull instead of your lats; I was letting the upper back muscle pull and it's a short range of motion.

Seated wide-angle grip pulldowns

Bent-over rows with Hammer machine
4 sets, 10 drop - 15 reps

I like the bent over rows with the Hammer Strength machine. A lot of people do shrugs with it but I like to use it and get a wide grip and lean over and get a nice lift, and I can get my back involved similar to a deadlift but with a wide grip and a little more range of motion than a deadlift because I am able to take it up higher and the arc of it is great because you get that squeeze that you can't get with a regular barbell deadlift so I am able to come up a lot higher and still have the force come straight rather than up and down.

Reverse pec deck
4 sets, 20 reps

A lot of people do it sitting more upright. I try to lean forward a little bit more sorta like you're on a surf board and I put my palms facing my back just like I was driving through the water on a surf board. And that really hits the mid-back and all the detail. Bending your elbows a little so you don't end up using your triceps and make a nice round movement and really squeeze the lower lat and upper back all the way up from the beginning of the rep to the end of the rep.

Machine pull overs
4 sets, 20 reps

Machine pullovers are a little more comfortable than the laying down and performing dumbbell pullovers. It's a little bit safer and you can go a little bit heavier. Plus, you don't have to worry about your wrist giving out and dropping the weight on your face if you don't have a spot. When you're really trying to burnout the muscles and it forces you into a position to arc which when once you get your seated position right you can hit it over and over again as far as not having to change the angles or anything; just focus on that movement and it really gives you a great burnout right under the armpits, in the upper lats, and also it works your serratus; opens up your ribcage and makes you a little more broad especially if you take a nice deep breath when youre stretching and blow out as youre coming down.

Low cable cross over
4 sets, 10 drop - 15 reps

On low cable crossover rows, I make each handle I cross them over into X, and that way you get the resistance pulling from opposite sides rather than just straight so you are havingt to open up with your elbows and pull it which gives a nice squeeze on the lats and it really stretches it on the beginning.

Bent-over dumbbell lateral raises
4 sets, 10 drop -15 reps

Bent-over db later targets the rear traps and just the detail in the mid back and it's a good way to just finish off and not going to heaving using a little momentum and making sure you get a little bit of a squeeze on the top.

Ruben Escobar - Back - 6/16/10

June 22, 2010

Name: Ruben Escobar
Age: 31
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 240 pounds
Profession: Carpenter / Personal trainer
Years training: 15 years
Date of entry: June 16, 2010

* The goal of today's workout. was to increase my blood flow through my back using high reps at 15-20 rep range at moderate weight and squeezing out water and focusing on back muscles to bring out back more for U.S.A

* I train an average of 6 times per week

* I spend an average of 45 minutes training per workout.

* My favorite body part to train: legs

* The body part I hate training: I don't have one

* The toughest part of today's workout was getting my back to fully pump up

hyper extensions are good for lower back definition and to strengthen your core

seated rows are great for lower lats and back explosion

Seated rows will show definition in bringing out back muscles similar to pieces of a puzzle

The T-bar row is used to pull the lower lats out more and give you a V shape.

Hyper extensions will tighten up your core.

Lower back extensions will bring out one's Christmas tree.

When spreading your lats, spread em like a cobra!

Reverse grip pull downs.

Lat pull downs will tighten upper back lats and tie everything together.

Single arm concentration curls will bring more peak to your biceps.

Double arm dumb-bell curl will build mass on your arms.

The hot hot hottie move

Matt Pohlkamp - Explosive training - 6/14/10

June 14, 2010

Name: Matt Pohlkamp
Website: http://www.mattpohlkamp.com/
Age: 33
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 pounds
Profession: Professional BMX bicycle racer
Years training: 15

* I train an average of 10 (including bicycle skills work) times per week

* I spend an average of 2.5 hours per workout.

* My favorite bodypart to train: LEGS!

* The bodypart I hate training: I honestly love it all.

* The toughest part of today's workout was explosive squat jumps.

Starting with the warm up....As the years have gone by I've noticed that I have gotten stronger and faster but it takes me a little longer to get to get warmed up, so I really make it a priority to get a solid warm up in.

My Goals in all of my lifts are to make myself as powerful (fast) as possible on my bicycle. My only goal (right now) is for total function on the bike and "wake up" those fast twitch muscle fibers to get me sprinting as fast as possible. When doing these explosive movements you really have to have a mind/ body connection that will make it possible to physically explode, with extra weight, when your brain says go!

After that all important warm up I start with the SNATCH. When doing this power exercise, you are incorporating the entire body (wrist to ankles). This is a great explosive full body movement that translates well to most sports. The idea is to make the entire body explode in proper form with the lift.

The CLEAN is next. I like the clean because I can go much heavier since I'm not including the over head hold, as in the SNATCH. I explode with the intial lift off the floor and catch the weight in the front squat postion. My goal is to clean the weight up as fast as possible with proper form. In doing this, I end up actually jumping off the ground due to the explosion.
Now it's time for the JUMP SQUAT. In this particular workout I used around 50% of my max squat. Again, explosion is the idea. I squat down to about 90 degrees and hold for a second, then with good form I fire upwards as hard and fast as I can into the jump. If I'm getting off the ground then I know that I've driven as hard as I can from the bottom of the squat and followed through. It's very important to land this jump safely and absorb the impact with a solid core and slightly bent knees.

HAMSTRING CURLS. I've put the quads through enough exploding for one day so now I have to make sure my hammys will do the same. In this curl I will ease in slowly and then explode the rest of the curl, that way I won't aggrevate my knees at all.

I save the CORE workout for the end. I don't want my core to be tired or weak at all when Im doing all of these power movements beacuse the core is the "bridge" to the upper and lower body. Decline sit up, hanging leg lifts are both great. I try to mix the core exercises up.

The NECK exercises I do are for safety incase of crashes on the bike...whip lash ect. I think a strong neck also helps with the over head hold during the SNATCH.

To end the workout I will do a 10 minute recovery ride on the stationary bike as well as a few stretches. This helps flush out the lactic acid that may have built up in the legs from the workout. By doing this I won't be nearly as sore (if at all) in the days to come.

There you have it...a typical Monday leg work out in preparation for this weekends battle on the BMX track!

WARM-UP: Front Hip Kicks 1 set (each leg) x 15

Lateral Hip Kicks

Bodyweight Lunges

I use a lighter weight for snatches so I can really focus on explosiveness. I begin in a squatting position with as wide a grip as possible. The barbell is close to my shins; my back flat, no curve. My head is back in a neutral position, not looking up or down. My ass is pushed out and down; arms are just outside of knees; wrists forward. I explode up from ground. The initial burst is from my legs. I've broken both arms racing so can't lock my elbows out and have to keep arms as straight as possible. Again, the initial explosion from ground want to keep barbell as close to body as possible. The barbell end up at thighs and from there I go into a shrug and bring the weight overhead.

Same initial movement, leaving out the overhead. I am able to lift heavier with this movement. I keep the barbell just wider than shoulder width.

Squat Jumps

Leg Curls

Decline Sit Ups

Hanging Leg Raises

Neck Rotations

10 minute recovery bike ride