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My trip to the Carribean island Grenada

I had the honor to fly out to the beautiful island of Grenada for an Weider appearance. The promoters and officials flew me in first class and treated me nothing less than first class for the whole 5 days I was there.
It was the Central Carribean Bodybuilding Championship where the overall recieves his procard. Other pros recieveing their procard from there where Darrem Charles, Desmond Milller just to name a couple.
I had a blast and made alot of friends and connections to other Carribean islands. My plan for next year is to do a Carribean tour and visit as many island as possible.
The show was great and I had no idea they had so many athletes males and females. The place was packed with people from all over the island even that most of them never even been in a gym before but they all came out to support the show and went nuts.
This was one of the guestposing for me to remember forever!




I think dennis always looks good. The reason he does not fair well at these shows is because he is not a kiss but. As long as he shows up ripped and full so be it.

hi DJ, it's a nice place to vacations!!!

Totally Agee with Dennis James but as hat happened with the most so called "caribean zone" they only remember or post some IF was to show the natural beauty, some still virgins florest or when something like Haiti happened. Never about the poor people that live and was explore by huge hotel owner by USA or European companies...

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