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Making History

Wow! What a great weekend of events. I'm exhausted! I want to thank all the fans, the sponsors and the competitors that made this weekend the best in bodybuilding! I also want to thank all the doubters that thought I couldn't win my third Sandow. It definitely helped fuel my fire every day in the gym. I also want to thank everyone that helped me prepare for the show. These things don't happen without the help and support of family and friends. I am going to enjoy this victory and see what happens next.

Train Hard,
Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler


Do the Arnold one more time just for old times sake

I knew it from the beginning! Congrats on the well deserved title! New haircut, new set of wheels and show-stopping back plus the mojo did the job!

Thanks for being what you are! You are the best ambassador for our sport!

man J.... you made my day at the olympia. I told you at 619 I was going to be at the olympia cheering for you and without a beat I went and saw you take what belonged to you. Now.... next on your list is flexonline makeover and coming over to Riverside to help me out... heehee.... anyways man congrats and hope to see you soon.

You looked great out there, congrats on the winning back the title!

Thankfully, order has been restored to the bodybuilding universe--a Mr. Olympia that looks like a Mr. Olympia should. Wow--back and quads at a new level.

From Belgium: Great vickory Jay, this is a great revence after your second place last year.
You are a example for others,

congrats from Belgium,

Bart V.

Hey man! you did it! I asked you not to disappoint me and you didn't! excellent my dear hero! you were extremely dry, big and cut! congrats my dear Jay.
train hard you would stand first for at least 3 more times!

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