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I Want to Thank the Fans

Last night reminded me of why I love the sport of bodybuilding so much...THE FANS. I want to personally thank all the fans that came to the press conference and the "Meet the Olympians" event last night. The turnout was unbelievable. It's because of you that I get to pursue something I truly love, the Sport of Bodybuilding. Now it is Showtime. I feel I am in the best shape of my life and only have to wait a few more hours now to reveal my new physique. It should be one of the most exciting shows in Olympia history. See you tonight at the pre judging!

Train Hard,


Jay, you can make it this year just with the new haircut! You got it all! Now go and reclaim what's yours!

Jay, or Mr. Cutler rather...Due to life happenings, I was unable to complete my journey to stand next to you on that stage and share the passion of the sport, the appreciation of the fans, and the opportunity to be as happy as you doing what I love. You have your fans, your family, and yourself behind you. At the very least, you can walk away a competitor, a runner up, or just a man who has accomplished more than a majority...You are a winner, you have class, all your hard work shows indefinitely, and you will rise to victory!
Rest well, be confident, and relish the moment!

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