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Back to the grind: 12 days till Xmass!!

About two weeks from today I’ll be on stage at the O, and I’m still 295-296
pounds. Felt like I got hit by a car when I woke up this morning because of
all the stuff we did at the FLEX photo shoot yesterday – but it was worth it
because we got some really cool stuff. We ended up doing traps, back,
shoulders, bi’s and tri’s, and today we did quads, hams, glutes and abs.
That’s a lot of work!

So I’m going to fly home tonight, wake up in the morning at 6 a.m. and get
back on the stairmill. We’re also going to tighten the diet to straight fish
and veggies, potatoes and rice, fish and greens -- and water. Carbs will be



hope the judges are paying attention,the favs might be getting knocked out. wish you the best toney

i noticed the mention of carbs....are u still working with dave??? i thought he was anti-carb??

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