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X-Man Here People ! ! ! !

Toney here people...

-302 at 10 weeks out feeling great. Yes Big Dave is still in the camp and I will be full as a tick at

the O. I am bringing in what was asked-295, 6’2-tiny waist- full and ready for battle. Eating clean

as always- I have already competed 3x and have qualified all three events. I love and appreciate

’08 and am falling in love with the O all over again! I can feel the energy. September 24-27—No

More Mr. Nice Guy ! ! ! I got that NPC energy like back in ’02. I know everyone will be ready but this

is going to be Christmas. I will maintain my blog as often as I can so viewers can keep up with

my progress. Any questions please go to the Forum. My updates will be videotaped as well as

written. The energy on the boards and on Facebook is crazy. I want to thank my fans,

Cytogenetics and Flex and Flexonline for making this the richest and biggest O—I’m coming for

the Title—X is going to give it to you.

X-Man Out!!!


toney this jerry from northern california -best wishes ,god bless you in your future endevours and stay sharp.
jerry s.-san jose ca,

Go toney, you are the man. I hope i see you in the top 5 or even win it all. I am rooting all the way for the X-MAN.

Toney, this is Fernando from México, I attended last years Olympia and your physique just blew my mind away, add to that that I asked you for a photo at the end of the show and you were so polite and kind enough to stop and take it, thank you very much Toney, keep it up and show some freak´n X to the doubters !!!

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