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August 31, 2009

The Blade's Official After Party!

The JET Nightclub at the Mirage hotel will be hosting my official after party after the Olympia! I'd like to invite everyone to come out and have a good time.


The Countdown and Prep!

So, I think at this point everyone is beginning to be anxious! With one of the toughest and most competitive line-ups I think I've ever been in, having something to lose makes me want it more! I've been blessed with my genetics and my career; and with the biggest win of my life last year, I'm training the hardest I ever had to defend my title. I just got back from visiting Joe. No, he is not training me, but yes, we have achieved my best wins together and he still tracks my progress and diet, he is the only one I trust. I am on track, but I have had to change up a few things to work harder because I know the competition is also giving more than 100%. We all realize what this line-up means and the judges will be working the heck out of us on stage in 4 weeks! I am currently doing 2 45-minute cardio sessions, long gone are the days of little to no cardio, LOL! My diet consists of very high protein of about 400g/day and my carbs fluctuate, depending on my progress. My fat intake is low and I don't worry about sodium because it does not affect me. My workout partner has been helping me to switch things up just a little with some different exercises, to make more gains. Our training schedule is as follows:

Quads on Monday
Chest/Calves on Tuesdays
Back on Wednesday
Hamstring and Shoulders on Thursday
Biceps/Triceps/Calves on Friday
Cardio is 6 times a week (45 min am/45 min pm)
I rest on Sundays (football season now!) and always recommend all my clients to always take one full day to let your body and mind rest!

This is the biggest fight of my life! I want to thank all of my fans, family and friends for their support. My fans have been very supportive with emails and letters and it helps to keep me going! Thanks guys. Alex Ardenti is shooting my new video in HD and it'll include some very up close and personal scenes besides me training, like behind the scenes at the O. I'll let you guys know when it's available. Also, My official after party for the Olympia this year is being sponsored by the JET nightclub at the Mirage, so I want to invite everyone out to come have a good time!

Gotta run guys, till next time!

The Blade

August 29, 2009

4 weeks out of the Big O !!

the countdown to the final 4 weeks has begun. I'm back home for a week now and my training is going really,really good. I'm back to my old style heavy training like back in the days for atleast 2 more weeks before I drop it down a bit. I'm injury free and super motivated which of course came from winning 2 shows back to back.
My weight is right where I want it to be at this point since our goal was to add a few pounds after the shows and fill out with still great condition. So far everything George and I planned happend just like we thought it should.
After I returned from Vancouver we adjusted my diet a bit with higher carbs.
My calorie intake was like follows

calories 3387
protein 435.5g
carbs 302.5g
fat 47.9g
sodium 1565mg

then 2 days ago we adjusted again to

calories 3044
protein 423.8g
carbs 234.7g
fat 45.3g
sodium 1547mg

we will probaly adjust on a weekly basis from here on out but the scale is not whats important for me, this time it's all about condition since I know that I have enough size and don't have to worry about anybody making me look small.

I feel real good about my prep this year and like I mentioned before it's possible to get better with each show and I'm about to prove that to everybody who thinks it's not possible.

Stay tuned for more updates

All the best


August 24, 2009


Hello to my fans and all bodybuilding fans worldwide...

Weeks out and feeling fantastic. Still a little grumpy from not doing the last couple of shows but. The O is my focus. My improvements are mostly mental. I have all meals in ! Numbers are great, 304 and you know the abs are deep! If you come in with a waist ...cancel X-mas! Calves ,arms, back have all increased with size... X is going give to you and no more Mr. Nice guy.

You know I'm doing it Hollywood...so here's a video for you all.

X out.

My Trip to Boston

Hey all!

Just got back from my trip to Bosta, MA to meet our newest winner of the Flextreme Makeover. Markus Ricci was the winner and may I say he was very excited to have us come out. I got a chance to hang out with him at his gym where he's a personal trainer, answering tons of questions. We trained back together and he was able to hold his own with the pace as he is also a competitor competing in some natural shows in the tri-state area. I got a chance to help him out with some posing and yes, we did do a lil' posedown action which we both had fun with. Later we grabbed some food and headed to Fenway Park where we sat about 10 rows up from the middle of the first base line watching them [redsox] play the Yankees. Boston got handed a butt whippin', but we didn't care as we were having fun laughing and joking around. We finished our evening with his family and lemme tell ya, he's got an amazing support system which I feel is essential for any young adult to have when pursuing a career in just about anything.

That next day, I had some issues as my flight back was cancelled, but thankfully, I was rebooked...gotta love premier exec status on United lol! Only problem was that my videographer/friend, Johnathan McFarlane was travelling with and we received different flights through our last leg in Chicago. I didn't realize this until we headed over to check-in and boy did I feel stupid when I walked up to the red carpet to board (first-class) and was told that I was at the wrong gate. See, his flight was at 3:13pm and mine was at 3:00pm so I had to pull an O.J. Simpson and run through O'hare Airport to my gate seeing that there's no plane there. Being that the clock showed 2:54pm I came to the realization that I missed my flight, so I headed back the the United Red Carpet Lounge to get a new flight. By now, I am tired, hungry (only had 1 more meal left in cooler) and now pissed that there aren't any seats available for the remainder of the day, placing me on standby. I then purchased a discounted business class ticket that cost me a little of $1k which wasn't cool, but hey, I needed to get home. Just as I received my ticket and then walked to a desk in the lounge to plug in my phones, I received a text-message from United Airlines stating that my 3pm flight was delayed until 3:45pm. So I ran over to the ticket counter, got my charges reversed on the biz-class 5:50pm ticket and ran over to gate B10 and there was my flight. I was so relieved that I almost hugged the gate agent. The flight was cool and then got my bags, hopped into the "Lade" (my escalade ext) and blasted my music on my way home.

Good thing was that throughout my trip, I was still able to train, do cardio and most importantly stay on track with my meals, all while hanging out in Boston. I had such a fantastic time that I hope to go back soon, maybe for another RedSox game, as Fenway Park was amazing!

I'd like to thank Flex and MetRx for making this day happen because I had a great time meeting with Markus and his friends and family!

Oh, I'm currently weighing 257lbs and with the same if not greater shape and conditioning than those 5wk out Ironman pics so watch out! I'm getting 7-8 meals per day, which include 2 steak meals with baked potato, chicken n' rice and good ol' tilapia and spinach (yum-yum j/k!). Doing cardio on the stepmill in my home gym, sweating like a savage. I'm getting an infrared sauna in this Wednesday, so I'm excited because I will never have to sweat it out at the gym again. My lovely wife, Jennie and her friends are going out to the Def Leppard and Poison concert tonight, so its just me and my son and a couple of friends going to watch G.I. Joe and later eating some steaks!!! Saw, District 9 last night and loved it, especially with it being a 30Million dollar movie...gotta see it!

Well, gotta go eat now and train some delts!



Canadian Nationals Vancouver Aug.22nd 09

I just returned from Vancouver Canada what was my final trip before this years Mr.Olympia.
I had a ball and the show was absolutley great, very well organized and smoothly run by the Promoter Kosta Kromidas and his crew, they did and outstanding job!
I was very welcome and treated with with alot of respect, you could tell that the Canadian really appreciated a pro coming out there this close to the Olympia which alot of my fellow pros wouldn't do 5 weeks out.
They made sure I had what I needed to make sure I don't have to come of my diet at all. I enjoyed every minute of and so did the crowd. I of course gave them exactly what they deserved and that was alot of size with good condition and of course I went all up in the crowd for them all to get a close look at DJ, real real close lol.

Now I'm back in Phoenix with only one thing on my mind and that is the 09 Mr.Olympia. George and I have everything mapped out and our plan is to come into the Olympia and surprise a few more people with the best DJ thus far.
In Tampa I weighted 249lb, Dallas I was 247,5lb and our goal for the O is somewhere between 242lb-245lb which will be just about the same weight I was in 2003 where I placed 4th. Now with a few more years of matured muscle which I believe will be a leathal combination.
With this years absolutely great lineup at the O, I personally believe that the fans will be in for a treat of a lifetime when it come to bodybuilding at it's best.
This year will be without a doubt the best Olympia in the history of the IFBB!!

I will keep you guys updated on regular bases from here on out all the way to the Olympia to let you the fans and true bodybuilding supporters see what's going on in the DJ camp.
So keep checking back here on FLEXONLINE.COM and my website to get the breaking news as soon as they break!

All the best


Vancouver 03.jpg

August 23, 2009

Blueprints to the Olympia

If you have been following my diet on my website, you pretty much now what it consists of. I get tons of questions on this topic so I am posting it here. I am dieting harder than ever and have added a bit more cardio to this year's preparation. I am doing 40 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning.Usually I do the stepmill. I am consuming 7 to 8 meals a day and training on a 2 day split. Breakfast right now is 20 egg whites with 2 yolks and a serving of grits. I am eating every 2 to 3 hours so my next meal is 14 oz chicken breast with 8 oz of yams. Next meal consist of 16 oz orange roughy with 1 1/2 cups of white rice. The next meal is the same. 16 oz fish and rice. The next meal will be 16 oz orange roughy and 8 oz of yams. I will have one more serving of orange roughy (16 oz) and 1 cup of white rice. I usaually do another 40 minute cardio session an hour or so after that meal. My final meal of the day is usually 16 oz lean beef filet with mixed veggies. I will on occasion substitute Nitrotech for my protein, but for the most part, it's whole food at this point. My weight is staying around 280lbs, so I am still full and getting leaner by the day. That's it for now. Check back in a few day's and I will post my chest workout.

Train Hard,

August 19, 2009

Preparing To Defend The Title!

Now that I am finished traveling and promoting the Dexter Jackson Classic, it's time to really focus in on things, defending the Mr. Olympia title! But first of all, I want to thank Flex, Muscle & Fitness and Muscletech for sponsoring my 3rd DJC. I also want to thank all the competitors and spectators for making it such a great success! It was great adding the 202 this year along with the Pro Figure and congrats to everyone that qualified for the O. It was a whole lot of fun having Jay, Phil, Ronnie and Troy there also to guess pose, thanks guys! Now that pics have been posted and everyone got a sneak peak of us from guest posing at my show, now it's time for business!
I've been dieting and hitting it hard of course. Winning an unexpected win of bodybuilding's most prestigious title, and defending it, are two completely different things! I am on track and making sure that I am doing everything and some to win a second Sandow.
Things are good and I am blessed, my son Dexter Jr., is in his final year playing ball in college, can't wait to go to some of his games! Also, my daughter Maya just started back to school and I enjoyed watching her play AAU basketball this summer, shout out to her also. This sports thing is a family affair!

Talk to y'all soon!

The Blade

Vancouver here I come !

Yes I am on my way to Vancouver this weekend to guestpose at the Canadian Nationals.
I can promise all the Canadian fans you are in for a treat, not only do you guys get to see the best Canada has to offer but you also get to see me 1 week after my third pro victory and since I'm still dieting for the Olympia you will get to see me in close to contest shape with a few added pounds which will look freaky by Saturday.
I'm very excited to come and guestpose for the Canadian fans and another good thing is that I have family in Vancouver and they will finally get a chance to see me pose too.

Looking forward to meeting all the fans in Canada


August 18, 2009

5 Weeks Out!

Wow! The 2009 Mr. Olympia competition is right around the corner. My training and preparation have never been better. I am eating more protein and fewer carbs than I ever have for past competitions. I am also doing more cardio than ever and it is helping out tremendously. I am 280lbs and getting leaner by the day. Today, I trained chest and biceps with my 2 partners and we "killed it". I feel better than ever and I am looking forward to this year's Mr. Olympia because it is wide open. Anybody on that stage has a shot at the Sandow. That is what makes this the most exciting Olympia in year's! Have to go hit that second round of cardio for the day. Stay tuned and check out my new website www.jaycutler.com.

Train Hard,

Someone's getting a visit from The Gift!

Hey guys, just wanted to chime in real quick and let everyone know that someone is gonna get paid a visit by yours truly this week for the Flextreme Makeover. I am very excited to meet and train with the winner and also discuss some new diet and training tips that are helping me in my prep to hopefully become Mr. Olympia!

Stay Tuned!



Wow.. it's been 8 years since I last felt like that being the last man standing and now I got to feel it 2 weeks in a row and I must admitt it feels great!
This is exactly what I had planned in order to put my name back on the map and words can not express what went thru my mind when they anounced me the winner in Dallas. I felt pretty confident after prejudging that I was the front runner but then agin I had that feeling so many times before and didn't make it so it's always in the back of your head until the MC anounces the top 5 and starts counting down the placings.
I was overwelmed and super happy at the same time, and in a situation like that sometimes you just don't know how to act lol.
I want to thank all the other competitors for a great competition and I welcome some of the new additions to this years Mr.Olympia. Trust me going to the O will be a lifetime experience you will never forget and I personally think being a part of this years Mr.Olympia is something special since I believe that this year will be the most competitive Olympia in the history of the IFBB.
And that is exactly why I told myself I need to win both shows in order to get the callouts I need at the Olympia to be able to show that DJ is still allive and kicking!
I again started training early Sunday morning by doing a cardio session at the Hyatt fitness club at 5.30 am, I know it's a little crazy but that is just who I am. I know I need to be even harder at the Olympia and this is what Gearge and I will be focusing on the next 6 weeks.
It will be all about conditioning at the Olympia and I will leave no stones unturned in order to come in as conditioned as I can possibly get.
Alot of people ask me what my goal is for the Olympia and all I can say is my number one priority for the O is to come in and have everybody say that I was spot on, where I will place is in the hand of the judges and I think there will be a few surprises this year since the lineup is so stacked it will be very hard for the judges to decide where to place who so it will come down to who is spot on on game day and who will be slightly off or even off since that happends all the time and believe me it can happen to everybody.

I still haven't decided if I should do Atlantic City or not but I guess I will do that as soon as I get back from Vancouver this weekend. I know many would say that I do to many shows and my body will be tired but believe me I get better from show to show and I feel so refreshed after doing all these shows this year that I think staying at home 6 weeks til the Olympia is such a big gap that I just might be better off doing the AC Iin order to stay in the game. But we will see by next week.

Again thanks to all the fans out there for your support and all the inspiring emails, it's you guys who keep me motivated and focused and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my heart!


August 15, 2009

Day of Europa Supershow finals!

Predjudging is over and I feel great. I did what I said I was going to do and came in tighter and improved from last weeks Tampa show.
I was maybe 1-2 lbs lighter but it showed and from the call outs I think the judges saw that I did my homework.
George Farah was also verry happy and he as he is a big part of me finally finding the formula to dial me in and peak the day of the show instead of a couple of weeks early or late.
We went and had some food right after prejudging since I needed to make sure that I don't flatten out to much between prejudging and the finals which are on 2 seperate days.
Yes I had again a nice cheeseburger with a big green salad, and from there I went to the Italian restaurant and had some pasta with tomatoe sauce and some grilled chicken on top. 1 glas of diet pepsi and that was it .
Straight to bed and I was out like a baby, lol.

Just woke up it's 6am in the morning Carla from Pro Tan came by to apply another coat of Pro Tan and now I'm slowly getting ready for my first breakfast of today. I need to calculate a bit because the finals will start at 2.30pm so there won't be alot of eating going on from now til then, probably one moderate and 2 more small meals .
Trying to make up my mind what I will eat for my first breakfast.
I think my meals will look like this

Meal 1 7am pancake and eggs
meal 2 9.30am ground beef pattie and white rice
meal 3 12.00pm chicken and rice

That's it until after the show, water NO more water until I'm done with my posing routine today. I do not want to come back anything less than last night eve a bit fuller and tighter is our plan.

Check back for thoughts after the show.

All the best


August 13, 2009

I day out of Europa Supershow Dallas!

Again I had the leave the house real early to catch a 6.40am flight from Phoenix to Dallas.
So I got up at 3am to do a short cardio session and prepare some of my meals for the trip. Since Dallas is 2 hours ahead I had to plan the food a little diffently.
First meal was 5am =7am Dalllas time . from then I would eat every 2 1/2 hours to make sure I get enough carbs in my system ( about 40g per meal) throughout the day. My meals will be simply chicken and rice with no sodium at all.
I left the house at 5.15am weighting 255lbs, I safely arrived Dallas around 11.10 local time, went straight to hotel and started to relax and marinate for tomorrows prejudging. I cut my water intake today from 2 gallons to only 32oz water throughout the day which means like just about a big sip with each meal. George will arrive tonight and take over the drying out progress. As of 10.30pm my weight is 253lbs.
What I will present tomorrow is a big and ripped DJ with big improvements from last week in the condition department especially ham and glutes!
I will probably have another late meal since prejudging is tomorrow night instead of the usual morning prejudgings.
Overall I feel very good and confident and I'm ready to do battle and fight for another victory!!!


August 08, 2009


I just want to take this time to thank each and everyone who stood behind me and who kept believing in me. My wife Rattikan and my daughter Anna Victoria who were sitting at home waiting for my call to tell them the outcome.
To the whole Weider staff who always believed in me and supported me for the past 10 years.
I also like to thank my new sponsors Probiotica for their support and great products, and Pro tan for giving me the look I was looking for on stage with the new products they came out with. A big thanks to Carla from Protan who was putting on coats like no other in a record breaking time.
It still hasn't sunken in yet it's only a few hours past the show and I'm sitting here in my hotel room, it's 2.45am as I write this since I promised to keep the flexonline readers up to date on what's happening and what the next step will be.
So I booked the first flight back to Phoenix cause I really want to get back home early enough to make it in time to train at 12 noon and start getting ready for the Europa Super show in Dallas next weekend. I will arrive Phoenix at 9.45am which gives me enough time to go home eat and off it goes to the gym. I know it sounds crazy but this it who I am and how I handle things. Now if you really want to read something crazy then check this out. As soon as I'm done writing this I will put on my clothes and go downstairs to do my cardio here in the hotel before heading to the airport to get rid of the 2 cheeseburgers, salad and a little bit of ice cream I had lol.
Yeah I will stay on schedule to make it 2 for 2 come next week. My goal for the Europa is to come in a bit tighter and seal the deal if possible.
So starting as I arrive in Phoenix back on 0 carbs for a few days and work on what I need to work and believe me I know what I have to do to look even better next week.

Here I want to take this time to thank the person who made it a whole lot easier for me since I work with him Mr. George Farah, he made me believe every single day what I'm doing this for and he was the one who maped out my whole diet from day one and I followed it to the T. G, thanks brother it's a pleasure working with you and you are a big part of my first pro victory on US soil. George had a great day today as both of us Betty Pariso and me won the show.

Again thanks to everyone for the continued support and I promise that I will give it my all to make it my 3rd victory next weekend in Dallas.


August 06, 2009

X-Man Here People ! ! ! !

Toney here people...

-302 at 10 weeks out feeling great. Yes Big Dave is still in the camp and I will be full as a tick at

the O. I am bringing in what was asked-295, 6’2-tiny waist- full and ready for battle. Eating clean

as always- I have already competed 3x and have qualified all three events. I love and appreciate

’08 and am falling in love with the O all over again! I can feel the energy. September 24-27—No

More Mr. Nice Guy ! ! ! I got that NPC energy like back in ’02. I know everyone will be ready but this

is going to be Christmas. I will maintain my blog as often as I can so viewers can keep up with

my progress. Any questions please go to the Forum. My updates will be videotaped as well as

written. The energy on the boards and on Facebook is crazy. I want to thank my fans,

Cytogenetics and Flex and Flexonline for making this the richest and biggest O—I’m coming for

the Title—X is going to give it to you.

X-Man Out!!!

August 02, 2009

1 Week to go !!

This is the final week to Tampa. I feel great even with the very low carbs but I'm so excited to get back on stage and show eveybody that even for a big man it's possible to do more than 1 show a year (it will be most likely 6 shows this year) and still improve from show to show.
I'm still in the gym every day and I will do so until I leave Phoenix for Tampa Thursday Aug. 4th.
It's only a matter of dialing it in right and then hold on for another week to Dallas.

DJ 04.jpgDJ 08.jpg