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July 29, 2009

"DJ" 10 days out of Tampa!!

here is a sneak peak of what I am cooking! George Farah and I had a good 11 weeks preparing for this show compared to only 5 weeks for New York. We are both pretty happy at this time on how my body is responding and now we have 10 more days to attack the water slowly but surely!
I will probably drop another 10lbs or so and hopefully this will be a winning combination.


10 days out 05.jpg

July 28, 2009

11 days out! "DJ" ready for Tampa!

I'm 11 days out today and I again adjusted my diet a little bit. My goal is conditioning and combine that with my fullness and roundness and I hope I can present the winning package this time.

6am I got to have my cup of black coffee, 20 min later cardio. I dropped my cardio to only 30min in the morning.

8am meal#1 8oz chicken, 4 eggwhites, 1 cup of oatmeal.

11am meal#2 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice

2pm meal#3 9oz chicken, 1/2 cup brown rice

5pm meal#4 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice

8pm meal#5 9oz cod fish, 1/2 cup brown rice

11pm meal#6 10oz cod fish, 1 cup asparagus

I will probably do this all the way up to next week Tuesday, then I will most likely add some more carbs back and stop the sodium.
I feel great and I really like my look for 11 days out.
George and I only had 5 weeks getting ready for New York but we knew we were on the right track, this time we had 11 weeks and it's all coming together just as planned.
Stay tunned for more updates going into Tampa, Dallas and of course the Superbowl the Mr.Olympia, only here on FLEXONLINE.COM.

Mr. Alex Ardenti arrived last night here in Phoenix since today we will be shooting photos and videos for my new sponsor "PROBIOTICA" I'm excited to be a part of team Probiotica, they have a large variety of great products and I'm sure they will establish themself here in the US. www.probiotica.com.br



July 24, 2009

"DJ" 15 days out of Tampa!!!

Ok, here an quick update on what happend the past week.
Last week I adjusted my diet again and that means that I dropped some carbs.
My diet at the moment looks like:

6am I cup of black coffee 45min of cardio (stair climber)

meal#1 9oz chicken, 6 eggwhites, 1 1/4 cup of oatmeal
meal#2 9oz Haddock fish, 1 cup brown rice
meal#3 9oz chicken, 6oz potatoe
meal#4 10oz orange roughy
meal#5 10oz orange roughy
meal#6 10oz orange roughy

my weight this morning was 261,5lb which is exactly where I want to be at this time. I will probably add another carb meal back in starting today which will still be a very low carb diet for me.
My training is going great I 'm still injury free and I'm looking forward to 3 great showings in the upcoming shows.

DJ getting ready for Tampa ,Dallas and the Mr.Olympia 2009

July 19th, 2009
Ok I’m close to 3 weeks out of Tampa now. This morning my weight was 267lbs.

I adjusted my diet a bit to:

6am 1 cup of black coffee 45min cardio

#1 8am 9oz Chicken, 5 eggwhites, 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal

#2 11am 8oz Fish, 2 cups of brown rice

#3 2pm 8oz Chicken, 10oz potatoe

#4 5pm 9oz Fish, 1 1/2 cups of brown rice, 1 cup asparagus

#5 8pm 9oz Chicken, 8oz potatoe, salad with fatfree dressing

#6 11pm 12 eggwhites, 1 cup of spinach

I still use sodium on all my meals.

Training Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

9.30 am

1 Leg extension 4x 20-25

2 Front squats 4x 10-15

3 Leg press 4x 12-15
4 single leg leg extension 3x 20-25
5 walking lunges

1 lying leg curls 4x 12
2 standing one leg curls 3x 12
3 revers hack good mornings 3x 12-15
4 stiff legged deads 3x 12-15

1 seated calf raises 3x 2-15-20
2 standing calve raises 3x 15

July 21, 2009


Hey all!

Just wanted to let everyone know what I'm doing and how I am doing. Well, I'm sure many are wondering my physical condition since this past weekend's showing and I am here to let all know that I am A-OK! This was an event that was extremely scary for mostly everyone watching than for me as I knew that I was cramping throughout the routine. Just to give some clarity on this subject, The venue was extremely hot as they was not any air conditioning and I was not responsible enough to stay hydrated due to me meeting with tons of fans, created my dehydration. I felt fine as I began my pump backstage, but toward then end I started cramping in my forearms and back. This progressed as I stepped onto the very hot stage which caused me to cramp up on every pose. Anyone that has seen me pose, I do not pose slowly (which I probably should lol) and because of the cramping, I had no choice but to pose slowly. This didn't help that much, as the cramping moved throughout my body and when it moved to my legs, my hamstrings and tear drop locked up resulting in my fall. I was scared, but realized what it was and made a couple of jokes, later getting up, walking out on my own and later returning back on stage with no problem. I was given electrolyte drinks and salt and was fine thereafter.

I was checked out by 2 different physicians and they both came to the resolution of me being very dehydrated in conjunction with a very tight hamstring and satoris muscle (the longest muscle). Collectively, this was a scary, but cool experience because even though I totally felt embarassed, I was able to laugh at it and show class and continue without any difficulties. Now, if there are any people out there that think for one minute that I'm not doing the Olympia, well sorry to not give you your xmas gift because I am here to kick some major butt come September 25 & 26!!! My weight is still above 260 and am getting harder each day so I just hope and pray that I can continue progressing because I know I can win with the improvements that I have made.

Other than that, everything is cool. We had a tornado last night, causing over 27,500 people without power today and won't receive it until later tonight. There's a tree pulled out from the ground that flew into a home near my house too. We received golf ball size hail and almost broke our windows in our house! Today, I'm training legs, yes legs (haha) so I'll see you all real soon at Dexter's show. Carbs are good, but need to get them up a bit since my cardio sessions are kickin' my butt. Overall, I feel good and look well, you have seen a preview hehe!