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July 30, 2008


Big Mel is a world traveler, he sent us a few pics from his trip in Japan along with a little note that we are passing on to you, fans of the Marvelous one.

Here are some photos of my posing clinic in japan. as i was on tour here since july 17th. i taught 4 different classes with figure women and male body building. ll send more photos when i get home on the 29th in the evening.

Marvelous melvin


Plenty of pics from the USA weekend here in the Flex Forums.

USA Overall Champ and Flex athlete Brandon Curry with Big Steve Weinberger after his win.

July 22, 2008


At the NPC LA Championships on July 20th, I ran into none other than Rich Jones looking like a million bucks. He moved up north for a while to finish his degree. Now that he has done that, Richard is considering a return to competitive bodybuilding and the creation of the under 202 class may be just the little nudge that he needed. He said" I won the overall at the USA at a weight of 198 lbs so I know I can be competitive at that weight. I am considering very seriously returning to the stage in 2009.

We sure hope that you keep your plans and we can't wait to see you on stage again Rich.

Well there you go Folks! Another Exclusive from Scoop McGee (Opps that's Donnelly's name!)
Flex then, you heard it here first,

For a LOT more pics from the LA go here on the FLEX Forums


July 18, 2008


Bad News for our friend Hide, I just received an e mail directly from him stating that he will NOT be doing the Tampa Pro, here's what he wrote:

Hello Dave,

How's it going?
My visa situation is not good. I have to pull out from the PBW show which I planed to compete.
I still have another chance to visit US but I do not know how long it takes.

Say hello to Silvio, Jay and everyone!


Hide at "Meet the Olympians" in 2007

July 11, 2008


This coming Olympia 2008, expect the very best Jay Cutler to hit the stage at the Orleans in Las Vegas.
The reason? Doctor Michael Granberry! Doc G is an expert at Lasik surgery that has worked on many top IFBB Pro athletes including Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Bob Cicherillo to only name a few and now, his list includes Mr O himself.
We went to Dr G' s very nice offices located at 11 600 Wilshire blvd, suite 100 in Los Angeles, Ca, early on a friday morning and by the end of the day, Jay was on his way back to sin city with a perfect vision and no more squinting his way through life.
I think it is safe to say that now that he can actually see EXACTLY what he looks like before the competition, Jay will bring the PAIN the next time he steps on stage.
Doc Granberry is a strong supporter of the bodybuilding industry and he was very happy to meet Jay in person.
Here's a few pics from Jay' s visit at Doc Granberry' s office.

Doc Micheal Granberry and Jay.

Doc Granberry can be reach at "The Lasik Spa" at 310 235-9922

Thanks so much for all that you do Doc!

July 08, 2008

Laurie "Loorie" St.Michael MAKE UP ARTIST TO THE STARS

Are you a female NPC competitor or IFBB Pro Figure/Fitness/Bodybuilding?
If you are, you are probably expecting to look your best on stage. If you do, you know that make-up plays a huge part in that.
Laurie St. Michael has been doing make-up for competitors since 2002 starting at "The Olympia" she has the knowledge and passion for the industry. From fashion shows, magazine spreads, music videos, live broadcasts and of course competition. Laurie follows and supports her competitors thru their journey at shows and else where. Laurie is age 31 and has been providing education in her field since she was 17.

A few pointers before booking Laurie:

-Make sure you know if you want the services for competition and/or photoshoots
-Knowing your schedule will help organize things

For any questions or further details
Laurie can be reached at lstmichael@hotmail.com

Many of Laurie's cients are top IFBB Pros such as 8 times Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray

See the Flex Forums for more of Laurie's clients and feel free to ask her any questions or pass any comments there as well.


July 06, 2008


There you go guys, many pics from the entire weekend including backstage, athlete's meeting, etc...
Loads more on the Flex Forums

Check out the FLEX Forums for a lot more pics.


July 03, 2008


Meteraud, Rollolazo return to fitness

By: Isaac Hinds

Two women to keep an eye this weekend are Shannon Meteraud and Nicole Rollolazo. The two women have been absent from the pro fitness stage in recent years but set to make a comeback at the 2008 Houston Pro Fitness show. Find out what the two have been up to in their time away from the fitness stage and what their goals are for this weekend.

Shannon Meteraud

Currently Lives: Charleston, SC

Born: "A long time ago" in Charleston, SC

Occupation: Mom, Personal Trainer, IFBB Pro Athlete

When was your last fitness competition? "Too long ago to remember. I think it was 2004 Olympia."

What made you want to return to the fitness stage? " I'm an IDIOT! I thought about it a lot the past year. I discussed it with my husband, Tres, and my managers, JM and Debbie Manion and they all supported me. I guess since they thought I could do it again it boosted my confidence. After Chesney, my 2nd daughter started getting older, I started paying more attention to the routines and knew I could still do them. I wanted my oldest daughter, Braylee, to see that I could do "that stuff" and be proud of me. I love to compete and push my body and mind to the limits it takes to do well. Figure fullfills some of the drive but it only shows your hard work when you display your physique. Fitness shows all the hard work you put into your physique plus your athleticism. "

What have you been doing with your time away from the stage? "I have still been very active on the Figure stage. I did 6 shows in 2007 winning the Europa, and already one Figure show this year. "

Who's the one to watch in the fitness scene today? "I think the top 5 are still the same: Adela, Kim, Jen, Tracey, and Julie Palmer. But there are a few making the mix interesting like Tangi and Julie Lohre. It always is interesting to see where they all place. "

Where do you realistically see yourself placing in the Houston Pro show? "If I don't die while practicing my routine before the whole prep is over I'll be happy! But honestly, every show I prepare for, I train to win. Right now I'm just enjoying the journey of returning to the Fitness stage. I just want to do the best I can and prove that this old mom can hang!"

Nicole Rollolazo

Currently Lives: Los Angeles, CA
Born: Seattle, WA 7/27/74
Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Photographer

When was your last fitness competition?
"The Emerald Cup Pro 2005."

What made you want to return to the fitness stage? "I actually have several reasons for returning to the stage. My main reason for returning to the stage was that I missed performing so much. My biggest passion is to entertain people by performing my routines and making them smile!

" I also recently got engaged and plan on having babies in a few years and figured this would probably be the best time to get back on stage before the little rug rats destroy my abs!

Finally, I felt that fitness competitors have kind of become a dying breed and I wanted to help inspire and motivate more women to compete in our sport."

What have you been doing with your time away from the stage?
"I have been doing some guest performances so that helped feed my craving for performing a bit but mainly I have been running my personal training business in Los Angeles and doing some fashion photography on the side. Most importantly as I mentioned earlier, I got engaged in Hawaii in April to my hunky fiance' Shawn Phillips! (Not EAS Shawn Phillips!)"

Who's the one to watch in the fitness scene today? ME! Hopefully I'll be able to move up in the ranks this year or at least die trying! Also my good friend Tanji Johnson has the total package.. great physique, great routine, and is a wonderful advocate for the sport of fitness!"

Where do you realistically see yourself placing in the Houston Pro show? Wow that is a horrible question! l actually just looked at the competitors list and since I've been out of it for three years I only recognized a handful of names. It's too hard to compare myself to competitors that I don't know, but I will definitely be shooting for top 5!"