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July 28, 2007

2007 USAs Overall Champ

The overall champion of the 2007 NPC USA's is superheavyweight Ben White.

Also earning a pro card is heavyweight winner Deshaun Grimez.

2007 NPC USA Finals

Good evening, we're coming to you live from Las Vegas as we are about to see two top amateurs earn their pro cards. Currently the lightweight top five are doing their posing routines.

In the bantams, the final results were:
10 Alden Gamet
9 Thomas New
8 Paul Gillison
7 Paul Coats
6 Brad Askam
5 John Ligsay
4 Alan Watari
3 Arthur Santellan
2 David Candy
1 Bleu Taylor

In the lightweights, the final placings are:
1 Shavis Higa
2 Allan Terrell
3 Chris Groetsch
4 Jonathan Sebastian
5 William Matthews
6 Jimmy Nguyen
7 Jabar Miles
8 Mike Davis
9 Bret Bradshaw
10 Wesley Capps
11 David Yeloushan
12 Matt Wheeler

Welterweight Final Results:
1 Mark Harris
2 Jesse Sabater
3 Scott Turner
4 Hugo Rivera
5 George Thibault
6 Jason Croce
7 Steve Karnya
8 Albert Diaz
9 Jerry Serna
10 Richard Siegelman
11 Rocky Nehk
12 Travis Rogers
13 Danny Boyle

Middleweight Final Results:
1 Jose Raymond
2 El-Guindy Tamar
3 Arleigh Bumanglag
4 Todd Scott
5 Mandeep Singh
6 David Groce
7 Ronald Torres
8 Scott Hutchison
9 Rob Pyfer
10 Jason Martinez
11 Jeffrey Delaney
12 Maxwell Carlisle
13 Keith Sallis
14 Juber Tanguma
15 Daniel Rocha
16 Raymond Bessette

Light-Heavyweights Final Results
1 Peter Putnam
2 Al Auguste
3 Mark Perry
4 Neko Roberson
5 Michael Pariso
6 “Manny” Torres
7 Erich Blancafor
8 Johnathan Johnson
9 Justin Rayner
10 Frank Castillega
11 Charles Lyons
12 Damon Aviles
13 Ryan Imamura
14 Carlos Pinto
15 John Clark
Other competitors: Daniel Bernstein, Sean Smith, Rob Kreider, Bryan Pazdzierz, Quinton Thomas, David Dorsey, Michael Moore Jr., Jason Ciarabellini, Tim Anderson, Johnathan Morisoli, Mel Perez, Mauricio Solis, Jerry Jackson, Robert Evans, James Wilson, Nate Brock

As we await the heavyweight men's results, here's a recap of the women's results, which were concluded earlier tonight:
Women’s Bodybuilding
(Overall champ earns pro card)

1 Galina Serdtsev
2 Beth Wachter
3 Tracy Witherspoon
4 Melinda Williamson
5 Tricia Travis
6 Sharon Garrett
7 Melissa Alvarado
8 Connie Everton
9 Natalie Barnett

1 Jennifer Sedia (and overall)
2 Diana Tinnelle
3 Kelly Dobbins
4 Sally Taylor
5 Holly Robey
6 Heidi Bagwell
7 Rebecca Greaig

Light Heavyweights
1 Angela Salvagno
2 Star Blaylock
3 Karen Choat
4 Beverly DiRenzo
5 Holly Geerson
6 Christine Sabo
7 Kimberly Ferrell
8 Gina Spengler
9 Diana Cook
10 Tina Zampa
11 Casey Daugherty
12 Theresa Hendricks
13 Courtney Shar
14 Roxanne Edwards
15 Akila Pervis
Also competed: Jennifer Benda, Julie Williams, Diana Feather

1 Michele Neil
2 Sheila Bleck
3 Julia Stamper
4 Candy Canary
5 Dianne Solomons
6 Bettina Kadet
7 Joella Bernard
8 Kimm Winn
9 Gerri Deach
10 Gabrielle Nicander
11 Bonnie Pappas
12 Rose Kasallis
13 Cindy Johnson
14 Guilia Divina
15 Robyn Mentgen
Also competed: Tammela “Tammy” Jackson, Jody May, Brenda King, Yamile Marero

NPC USA Figure Championships
(Class winners earn pro cards)

Class A Top 6
1 Desha Rodriguez
2 Carin Hawkins
3 Mary Cencich
4 Shelly Rego
5 Jessica Madden Lyons
6 Monica Mark

Class B Top 6
1 Allison Jones-Williams
2 Chrissy Burton
3 Michelle Woodward
4 Stacy Garcia
5 Janae Steward
6 Bea Fox

Class C Top 6
1 Lynn Widdowson
2 Erin Heath
3 Emily Nicholson
4 Holly Semanoff
5 Jessica Norlander
5 Michelle Anderson

Class D Top 6
1 April Fortier
2 Danielle Kifer
3 TGracy Guarina
4 Lillian Granillo
5 Brooke Brusch
6 Jessica Troha

Class E Top 6
1 Catherine Andersen (and overall)
2 Danielle Edmonds
3 Natalie Calland
4 Amanda Quinlan
5 Angela Watson
6 Veronica Miller

Class F Top 6
1 Jessica Wright
2 Stephanie McDonald
3 Jamie Reed
4 Maria Rogers
5 Nancy Georges
6 Jessica Steffens

1 Deshaun Grimez
2 Brandon Curry
3 Adorthus Cherry
4 Kirk DeFrancesco
5 Jeff Schwartzer
6 Merk Erpelding
7 Randy Moore
8 Simi Tufunga
9 Chad Martin
10 Kevin Sperling
11Kevin Thomasini
12 Steve McLeod
13 Dan Decker
14 Tad Inoue
15 Kevin Reeves
Other competitors: Ray Call, David Fisch, Carl Lomax, Lonnie Jacquez, Gary Harden, Alex Bartoli, David Kalick, Charles Dorby, Andy Snyder

1 Ben White
2 Grigori Atoyan
3 Robert Hatch
4 Jerome Ferguson
5 Kenny Milne
6 Rudolph Richards
7 Todd Jewell
8 Keith Williams
9 Justin Harris
10 Kenny Gipson
11 Aaron Boniecki
12 Korbie Ntiforo
13 Jim Swanson
14 Eric Domer
15 Matthew Brown
Other competitors: Rod Solomon, Kirk Chittick, Rob Schouten

July 27, 2007

NPC USA Super Heavyweights

Here we are, last men's class of the night for prejudging. 18 men in the class, includes some veterans of the NPC national level ranks. Robert Hatch, Jerome Ferguson, Ben White, Korbie Nitiforo, Justin Harris, Grigori Atoyan are some of the name contenders.

Hatch is sharp and full, upper body overpowers his lower body. Pretty hard, which is often a failing for the supers.

Last year, Hatch finished third behind overall champ Omar Deckard and Leo Ingram, who also earned a pro card a few weeks later at the North Americans.

Ferguson, who finished fifth in this class last year, may have some issues placing top five. We'll see how comparisons go.

Meanwhile, Ben White looked great, dialed in and balanced.

We've gone through each competitor, individually, now we're at the first callout:

Robert Hatch, Ben White, Jerome Ferguson, Kenny Milne, and Grigori Atoyan.

Among this group, White seems to have the upper hand, with Robert Hatch in the mix. Everyone else is likely fighting for third.

And that's a wrap from The Artemis Ham Hall at UNLV in Las Vegas. if you're in town, be sure to come out tomorrow night for the finals at 6:30 p.m.; tickets are still available at the box office. For the rest of you, tune in to Flexonline tomorrow night as we bring you the winners, and let you know which two of these athletes earned their IFBB pro cards.

NPC USA's Heavyweights

So far in the heavies, we've seen Adorthus Cherry, DeShawn Grimez, Kevin Reeves...Adorthus not as sharp as he could be, especially in back and hams. DeShawn looks huge from the front, but loses something when he turns around. Reeves, who has trained on and off with Chris Cormier, doesn't have the legs to contend for the title.

Jeff Schwartzer, massive legs ... check them out in our galleries, he's competitor 100.

Callout time:
First: Deshaun Grimez, Adorthus Cherry, Kirk DeFrancesco, Brandon Curry.

Cherry, as always, crazy shoulder to waist ratio, but legs worst in this callout. Brandon Curry has huge arms, but Grimez's are even better. Probably have to say Grimez as class champ.

Light Heavyweight Class

Almost out now ... Pre-contest talk is centering around Peter Putnam and Manny Torres

31 competitors in this class

Justin Rayner coming out of nowhere with crazy quads, humongous. He is in great condition to boot

Frank Castillega conditioned, upper body looks good, but legs are too small in this ultra-competitive class, the toughest BY FAR tonight ...

Quinton Thomas ... good shape, but a bit smooth to do much in this class

Ryan Imamura ... placed 7th last year, doesn't look like top five material tonight

Johnathan Johnson up now ... good size, craxy delts ... good back and arms ... will likely be in first callout ...

Peter Putnam up now ... Looks good from the front ... Back was his downfall last year, let's see if he's improved ... He's brought up his back ... soft in the glutes, lets see if it hurts him ...

Manny Torres ... in condition, but something is missing ... not a complete physique ... see him out of the top three here, with Rayner, Johnson and Putnam but lets wait to see them standing next to each other

Carlos Pinto up now ... good lines ... good condition ... needs to be thincker, not enough oil ...

NPC USA Prejudging Middleweights

The middleweights are onstage. Last year, this class was won by Gregory Peeples, followed by Darron Glenn and George Maiorano, none of whom are back.

Jose Raymond is competing at 174; rumor is this may be his last show.

Todd Scott, Mandeep Singh and El-Guindy, along with Raymond should be in first callout

Mandeep Singh out now - shredded and vascular from the front. In very good condition ... should be in top three of this class, maybe the winner

Ronald Torres, thick and dense but too smooth tonight

Tamer El-Guindy up now, good shape, but not as good condition as Singh - Scott, El-Guindy and Singh looking like top three with Raymond somewhere in the mix for top five

Top six callout

David Groce, Raymond, Scott, Arleigh Bumanglag, Singh and Tamar

Scott has by far the best legs in this class in terms of size and separation, could win this class based on that alone when all is said and done ...

El Guindy Tamar probably too smooth to win this class, we'd go Scott, Singh and Tamar - Raymond thick and wide but is off tonight, especially in hams ... Raymond could move into top three ahead of Tamar but can't see him winning this class

2007 NPC USA Prejudging: Welterweights

The welterweights are on stage. Jesse Sabater of Oxnard looks like the frontrunner; Scott Turner of Scottsdale Arizona also stands out in the first look through.

There are 13 competitors total; last year, this class was won by Perry McRae, with Sabater second, in 2006.

George Thibault from California, 163 pounds, good condition, that alone could place him in the top five in this class.

Jesse Sabater up third, Good color, solid side triceps; legs are a little undersized, although that may not hurt him in this particular class. Chest could hurt him, it's shallow. Should be top three at least though, based on his condition and the competition he's facing.

The welter class ranges from 154 to 165.

Mark Harris of Indiana is onstage; smooth but thick chest, cut his time in front of the judges way short, not a good move.

Hugo Rivera is up, has a big chest, good detail in his back, but his physique doesn't flow.

Scott Turner from Arizona, smooth in the hams, he's holding water but could still contend for a top placing. Needs more separation in his legs, that could really hurt him come comparison time.

Jerry Serna from Texas is the second-to-last guy up in this class. Wide back, not enough happens on the front poses, too much water.

First callout: George Thibault, Jesse Sabater, Mark Harris, Hugo Rivera, Scott Turner and Jason Croce.

2007 NPC USA Prejudging

Good afternoon from Las Vegas, Nevada, where FLEX is on hand to cover the 2007 NPC USA Championships live. It's just past 4:30 p.m. Pacific time, and the bantamweights are on stage. In a class of 11, the first callout has just been completed.

First callout was Paul Gillison of Rincon, Washington; John Ligsay of Wahiawa, Hawaii; Arthur Santellan of Anaheim, California; David Candy of Pittsburgh; Alan Watari of Oxnard, California; and Rick Brewer of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Now up are the lightweights, going through their mandatories, one guy on the stage at a time. There are 13 competitors in this class, which covers bodyweights of 143 to 154.

Last year, Alex Azarian won this class, followed by Joe Bustamante and Alan Terrell. Both Joe and Alan are back to view for the title again, as well as fourth-place finisher from last year Mike Davis.

First callout for the lightweights: Jonathan Sebastian of San Jose, California; Shavis Higa of Aiea, Hawaii; Allan Terrell of Godfrey, Illinois; Chris Groetsch of Kenner, Louisiana; and Joe Bustamante of Oxnard, California.